Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes!

Tuesday was a day of celebration at our house. Not because of the American election, but because it was my birthday. Lucy and Mommy made some special cupcakes for me. The cupcake kit was on sale because Halloween was a week ago. Mommy did most of the baking and Lucy did most of the decorating.

Come see my art!

Puttin' on the sprinkles!

First few spider cupcakes

The spider cupcakes would have been good if our celebration had a Spider-man theme. Maybe next year we will try to find them for Jacob's birthday. Lucy couldn't resist sampling, though, which resulted in less decorous spiders toward the end.

Testing for quality

Some albino spiders made it into the mix

We had a fun celebration anyway. Jacob finally had a turn to help out when he blew out the candle with me.

Maybe not the best angle, but the blue bag would have blocked the best

Opening presents was a blast. Some have been delayed in coming because of Superstorm Sandy, which means the celebration will continue throughout the week. Happy days!

And happy family, too!

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