Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Walking Dead Ep. 306: Hounded

The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 6: Hounded

TV rating


ZPAA rating

Teens and up

Gore level

9.75 out of 10--Just like last week, lots zombie kills, decapitations, etc. Except this week we saw a disemboweling with all the innards dropping into outtards. And they drop on someone who has to spit out from their mouth! Also, some people were killed including a decapitation; later, we see a pretty grisly view of the neck stalk.

Other offensive content

Some passionate drinking; some passionate kissing; sex scene with with no explicit nudity (a lady's naked hip is the most visible); lying; betrayal.

How much zombie mythology/content

Michonne seems strangely immune from zombies attacking her.

How much fun

No humor this week.

Synopsis & Review

Michonne is pursued lethally by Merle and some Woodbury pals. Andrea is pursued romantically by the Governor (she gets to call him "Phillip"!). Rick is pursued metaphorically by his own thoughts. He's still trying to deal with the loss of his wife and the phone he answered at the end of the last episode was a call from someone who is in a safe (but unidentified) place. Andrea wants to fit in at Woodbury but can't find the right spot. Michonne just wants to survive.

This episode is exciting and tense with some nice (and not so nice) surprises. The different story threads are finally tying together. The makers are still doing a good job of following the main parts of the comic version of the story while throwing in enough curve balls and other character arcs that I still find it fascinating even if I know what's coming. The next few episodes promise lots of drama if they keep up the fine dramatic work.

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