Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Visiting a Budapest Playground

I must admit that we visited shamefully few playgrounds on our Prague/Budapest trip. It's not that the kids were bad ("If you don't behave, no playground for you!") but we parents were bad about taking them. We finally did the right thing toward the end of the Budapest trip when we visited one of the many little parks scattered about the town. The sun was shining and we even brought some snacks with us.

The playground!

One unusual feature was the ship, which you don't see too often. Both J and L loved climbing all over it.



Ladder ahoy!

L was fearless in going down any slides. We had to stop her on one where a big puddle was on the slide. Mommy was especially nervous.

L ascends the rope ladder

L descends while Mommy can't watch

J on the short slide

Swings were another favorite with Mommy gladly helping out.

Mommy gives good pushes!

Happy L

Happy J

We bought some pretzels at a convenience store. They were pretzel circles with a string through the middle but we couldn't figure out why they were that way. Any answers (or imaginative guesses) are welcome.

Bag of pretzels

Why on the string like this?

We did some more walking around in the nice weather that day. We need all the vitamin D we can get what with the Yorkshire clouds and fog moving in back home!


  1. From this web page "History of the Pretzel":

    "German children had other connections to the pretzel, too. They tied pretzels on a string around their necks at the beginning of a new year for prosperity, health and good fortune."

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  3. Thanks, Laurel, for the interesting insight on pretzels. I love to learn new things.