Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brewery That Caters to Zombies!

Okay, really, this brewery is called Brains. I had to look twice at the bottle in the grocery store to make sure it wasn't "Brian's" or "Brans" or something else less meaningful to me. They brew in Wales and claim to be the Welsh equivalent of Ireland's Guinness. From their web page:
Like Guinness in Ireland, Brains is the beer of the nation. From the renowned SA to the legendary Dark, through to the award winning SA Gold, Brains beers have become famous throughout the world.
As well our traditional cask ales and draught smooth ales, several brands are available in bottles, cans and mini-kegs to be enjoyed at home.
I did bring some home in bottles from the store as soon as I figured out the spelling is right. Here's what I sampled.

SA Gold is "a full-flavoured golden ale, hops are added late in the brewing process giving it complex and refreshing citrus aromas and flavours." Now any regular reader of this blog knows that I have a dislike for citrusy-flavored beers. But this beer is not that citrusy. The flavor is bright and refreshing. It would be great for after mowing the lawn or while grilling on the barbeque.

The other bottle I bought was The Rev. James, a dark and nutty ale described this way on the bottle: "Full-bodied and warming, the Rev. James is rich in palate, spicy and aromatic with a deeply satisfying finish. Pairs well with hearty meats or nutty dishes." I had it by itself and it is distinct and delicious. It is dark without being bitter and aromatic without being fruity. I would definitely drink this again. Oh, and for the curious, on the web site they explain who Rev. James was:
The Rev. James is steeped in history. Acquired after the purchase of Crown Buckley, Rev. James is brewed to an original recipe from an 1885 book. The beer is named after one of the original owners of Buckley Brewery, the Rev. James Buckley, a business man with two conflicting roles – saving souls and satisfying thirsts.
They knew how to make beer back in 1885!

So if you need a Halloween beer with at least Brains on the label if not in the bottle, check these out!

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