Thursday, November 29, 2012

Statues in Hungary

The variety of statues in Budapest is amazing. They are found all over the place--on buildings, on pedestals, in parks, etc. Here is a sampling.

Greek gods seem to be on every corner! I suppose ancient mythology is always a popular subject.

Maybe they're playing hide and seek?

Bas-relief is also a popular option on buildings.

A permanent parade!

Workers in Budapest

Free standing statues are in abundance as well, either in a larger display like a fountain or on their own pedestals.

A fountain J liked

A fountain for drinking and washing!

Some hero

This next statue was probably the most impressive to me, just for the achievement. The stone block has been carved in such a way that it seems like a conventional statue. But really it is hollowed out. I guess it's the opposite of bas-relief.

Inverse statue with Nate

Last but not least is this statue near the comic opera.

Don't lose your head trying to figure it out!

We didn't spend too much time trying to understand this statue. The hat on the right has a grinning skull in a hand and you can see the smiling face in the other hand. Comedy and tragedy would be my guess.

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