Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Review: Bone Vol. 6 Old Man's Cave by Jeff Smith

Bone Volume 6 Old Man's Cave by Jeff Smith

The people of the valley have fled to Old Man's Cave, a sanctuary that is a center of mystical power and their last refuge. The rat creatures are running rampant over the valley and on the verge of surrounding Old Man's Cave. Thorn leads a crew of townsfolk who are rounding up the last humans in the valley. But she is reluctant to bring them back to the cave. She still has issues with Gran'ma Ben.

Meanwhile, the Hooded One (leader of the rat creatures and servant of the Lord of Locusts who plans to resume physical form) makes a deal with Rock Jaw the mountain lion. The lion has to deliver Phoney Bone and Thorn to the rat creatures before the blood moon so a sacrifice can be made to restore the Lord of Locusts. Rock Jaw agrees readily and delivers on time.

The book ends with the Hooded One's identity finally revealed during the sacrificial ceremony, an event that is both comic and tragic while leaving a great cliffhanger for the readers.

Another excellent issue of Bone!

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