Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Carfax Tower, Oxford

Carfax Tower is at the corner of High Street, Cornmarket, Queen Street, and St. Aldate's. The name "Carfax" comes from the French quatre voies or "four ways" and the tower is the center of the main north-south and east-west routes through the city. The tower was originally the bell tower of St. Martin's, a 14th century church that was demolished in 1896 to widen the roads. For a small fee, visitors can climb the tower and get nice view of Oxford.

Carfax Tower

One staircase

Yet another staircase

I went up without the children and did some quick snaps of the rooftops.

Covered market across the street

View down High Street with Queen's College in the distance

View down St. Aldate's with Christ Church in the distance

More of the view to Christ Church

View to the countryside

View to the northwest with some church towers

View to the north with just buildings

View down on a chimney (how does Dick Van Dyke fit in one of those?)

The tower has a clock that strikes on the hour and is supposed to be a nice sight to see but we never timed our arrival right the weekend we were there.

Clock face and entrance to tower

Clock detail

Across the street is the town hall.

Oxford Town Hall

More on Oxford in coming posts!

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