Friday, November 21, 2014

Book Review: Zombillenium 2. Human Resources by Arthur de Pins

Zombillenium 2. Human Resources by Arthur de Pins

Having established a quirky set of characters (from horror standards like vampires, witches, mummies, skeletons, etc.) who work at a horror-themed amusement park in the first issue, problems start arising for everyone. A strange normal family comes to the park and gets into trouble when the mom freaks out about the freaks. Meanwhile, the son wanders off and gets into his own trouble. Sirius Jefferson, the skeleton, is attacked on the way to work by some anti-monster clowns who sneak into the park to blow it up. They disguise themselves as the skeleton (some robes and the skull work just fine) but wind up in an HR meeting with other employees and they are discovered. They are chased through the corporate digs of Zombillenium and it's a sure bet they run into the son who's being helped out by Gretchen, the witch from the first book.

This second volume keeps up the madcap fun and interesting details that came in the first book. I'm enjoying it a lot though the next book won't be released in English until August 2015. Time to set a calendar reminder...

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