Thursday, November 27, 2014

Oxford Food

As I publish this post, the day is Thanksgiving 2014, so what better day to write about food?

We had some very eclectic food experiences in Oxford when we visited in 2012. We found an alleyway with plenty of restaurants. Pizza is always a popular choice with our children, though we didn't try the pizza truck.

Outdoors is too cold for eating!

Pizza truck

Dessert is always a popular item. In a university town, what is more whimsical than a milkshake shop called Shakespeare's?

What's with that last line?

Cafe Loco on Rose Place is famous for its chocolate; George and Danver on Pembroke Street for their ice cream.

Cafe Loco

George & Danver & Cone

Chief Inspector Morse (from the books and telly) is from Oxford and has a favorite pub, the Turf Tavern on St. Helens Passage. We followed some signs and saw his pub.

The sign says it's famous!

Turf Tavern

Cool spiral staircase by the tavern

The other famous Oxford pub is the Eagle and Child where the Inklings met. We were in the neighborhood on a Sunday morning and it wasn't open, alas!

Eagle and Child pub

We found a fish shop but didn't shop there because of the shark overhead, which was nothing compared to the shark in the roof near our B&B.

Posh Fish! with scary shark

Who gets that bedroom?

Detail of the Headington Shark

The shark was put on the roof on August 9, 1986, as a protest against nuclear armament. The local council was generally unhappy with it (first they claimed it was unsafe, then that they hadn't given permission for the display) and offered to move it to a nearby swimming pool (somehow they thought that would be less scary). The locals protested and the shark won.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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