Saturday, November 22, 2014

PE After, but Still at, School

A few months ago, J and L wanted to demonstrate their monkey bar prowess and they said the best place was their school's playground. The school isn't very far away so we went on a weekend afternoon to check it out. When we got there, J was the only one to show off, so he got the most pictures.

A good start

Going from ring to ring

Going to the next ring

Almost there...

Just about done

L played on the other equipment and did some crossing of her own.

Much easier crossing

A few weeks later, the PTA hosted a healthy exercise night followed by an ice cream social. Definitely a mixed message there. Originally the exercise was going to be laps around the bus loop (where the school buses drop off and pick up the children) but the sky was threatening wet weather. The activities were moved into the school's gym which has plenty of fun things to do. In addition to jump ropes and hula hoops, they had little carts that roll around on the floor and climbing ladders on the walls. The ladders were the most popular with my children so they got all the pictures.

L on the second rung

J happy

J worried

N relaxed

Two-fer hangout

After a half hour, the ice cream social began. We were first in line which was lucky because the line stretched out the cafeteria. I would have taken pictures but I was too busy trying to eat my ice cream before L swiped it! J doesn't like cold food so he ate the granola bar that we packed for him.

It was a great night with a good balance of healthy fun and not so healthy fun.

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