Monday, November 17, 2014

Book Review: Bone Vol. 8 Treasure Hunters by Jeff Smith

Bone Volume 8 Treasure Hunters by Jeff Smith

The Bones, Thorn, and Gran'ma Ben make it to Atheia, human capital of the valley. The city is getting ready for a siege and is overwhelmed by refuges fleeing from the ghost circles that are creating havoc in the valley. People wait at the gates to be allowed in. Thorn's group bribes their way in. Inside, things are also bad. Water is being rationed by the military force in control of the city. The force calls themselves the Vedu and they've outlawed dragon-lore and have no interest in returning royalty reestablishing their authority. Thorn and company will have to tread lightly. Unfortunately, Phoney Bone is only interested in finding the fabulous treasure he assumes must be in the city...and he wants to mint gold coins with his image on them. Political intrigues, both significant and slight, abound.

The amazing blend of comedy and drama continues in this volume, setting up an epic conflict for the next (and final) issue.

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