Thursday, November 13, 2014

Book Review: Bone Vol. 7 Ghost Circles by Jeff Smith

Bone Volume 7 Ghost Circles by Jeff Smith

The Hooded One flubbed the sacred rite to bring the Lord of Locusts back but got enough right that the mountain is now erupting. And a massive magical wave is spreading ghost circles across the valley. Anyone who wanders into a ghost circle will get trapped in an alternate reality. Thorn can see where they are and she leads the Bones and Gran'ma Ben on a perilous trip to across the valley to Atheia, the old royal city, for help. They are pursued by the rat creatures all the way.

Lucius flubbed defending Old Man's Cave and a perilous fight with the rat creatures and their allies leads to hard decisions for the valley dwellers and the Veni-Yan warriors. Can the uneasy human alliance be preserved?

The story continues to unfold with more drama and depth than you'd expect from a graphic novel. The author includes plenty of comedy to lighten the mood (there's a fun bit where Moby Dick comes up again, among other laugh out loud moments). These books make very compelling reading indeed!

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