Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oxford Playground, England

Near the Botanic Garden in Oxford is a fabulous playground. As we visited famous colleges and landmarks in the university town, the children insisted on visiting something more child-friendly. We couldn't resist either.

Wait, is it closed? I don't see other kids?!?

Happily, the playground was not closed and we had it to ourselves, which meant unlimited climbing and sunshine, a rare treat in England.

A small fort good for climbing and sliding

J ascends!

Some of the rides seemed too scary, like this lizard, so they were avoided.

Ride me!

A sand pit included a nice boat with plenty of playful opportunities.

Ship shaped shenanigans should result

Being Oxford, the creators couldn't help but throw in something scientific to expand the children's minds while they played.

Not sure what science exactly

J ponders switching from sailing to science

The playground had a third area with more mundane obstacles.

J by the saucer spinner

Safest uphill climb ever!

The last obstacle was definitely the toughest, a brick wall. Luckily it was not too big so we just walked around it.

End of playground

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