Saturday, November 29, 2014

J's BSA Report for November 2014

J had another busy month with the Cub Scouts. At the den meeting early in the month, the boys made little scrap books with drawings of what they loved best. The idea was to draw family members, but mostly the boys drew pictures of Minecraft.

The boys did a service project at the local church that sponsors the troop. The scouts cleaned up the parking lot and emptied, cleaned, and repacked the troop's camping trailer. Interspersed among the work were several games that made the day extra fun.

Meeting outside about the trailer

Getting ready for a game

One game started by splitting the group in half. One team had the goal to put small traffic cones upright, the other to knock the cones over. The pandemonium was fun to watch but probably more fun to participate in.

Cone craziness

J is putting them up here

Another game was foxes and squirrel. Everyone sat in a circle. Two white balls were the foxes. They were supposed to be passed to the left or right. A third ball (this particular one was yellow) was the squirrel who had to avoid the foxes. The squirrel had this advantage--it was a flying squirrel so it could be tossed across the circle to someone else. If the squirrel wound up with a player who had a fox, the round ended and a new round started. (Probably in competitive versions of the game that player is kicked out but they were playing for fun).

Foxes and squirrel

The only problem during the game was the players getting excited and throwing the foxes as well as the squirrels!

Out in the field they played dragon attack. A group of boys stood in line with their hands on the shoulders of the boy in front. The last boy had a kerchief in his back pocket as a tail. Each dragon had to catch the tail of another dragon to win. If the dragon broke apart, they were disqualified until they reformed. It was an exciting game for all.

Readying the dragons

Dragons intertwined!

More dragon carnage

The day ended with some hot chocolate and cookies, a happy ending for all.

The pack meeting at the end of the month was about citizenship. The boys learned about money, taxes, voting, and folding the flag. J did a great job at the last activity.

First step in flag folding

Some coaching

The den also visited Fort McHenry, which loyal readers read about in yesterday's post.

More in December!

Can't wait to get to next month!

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