Monday, November 10, 2014

Shrine of St. Anthony (Outside)

We visited the Shrine of St. Anthony and explored the grounds quite a bit. As her first challenge, L climbed a tree!

One of the signs

L on high

Behind the monastery building is an extensive woodland area with trails. We tried out the Alverna Trail, despite warnings.

Trail sign

Jesus, warning us not to go on the trail?!?

Not too far along the trail is a small shrine to Our Lady of Ghisallo, who is patron of cyclists. The legend goes that Count Ghisallo was traveling when bandits came after him. He saw an apparition of Mary at a shrine, ran there, and was saved from the thieves. She became "Madonna della Ghisallo" and is patron of local travelers. The hill where the apparition happened later became part of a bicycle race route. A local priest wanted her to be patron of cyclists and Pope Pius XII approved it.

Our Lady of Ghisallo grotto

By the bench

The madonna

The trail had lots of leaves falling down, a very picturesque time. The kids tried to catch leaves out of the air since they came down like snowflakes.

Foliage falling

Trail marker

Also behind the monastery is a small garden maintained by the monks. They keep chickens!


Chickens hanging out

Chickens eating

Chicken strutting his stuff

Standing on one leg for as long as he can

Pepper bush

J took a lot of notes at this point, borrowing my pen and a piece of paper from the car. Future blog alert!

J blogs the old-fashioned way

Big tree nearby

A small pond is situated downhill from the garden, named Sister Water, a name taken from St. Francis's Canticle of the Sun.

Sister Water

The pond

The lilies of the pond

Next to the pond is Brother Fire, a fire pit built recently.

Brother Fire sign

Bonfire pit

Ready for some cooking

View of the monastery from the pond

The Shrine of St. Anthony is worth visiting for a quiet, restful experience.

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