Sunday, November 30, 2014

Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome

Here's some Thanksgiving leftovers...a church in Rome! 

Santa Maria in Cosmedin is a famous church for what's on its porch--the Bocca della Verita. I've already posted about that here, but now let's go into the church!

Santa Maria in Cosmedin

In addition to the Bocca, the porch has a nice sign about the dress code. Churches in Rome all have a dress code and people have been put out before (in both senses of "put out"). Some places will provide wraps to improvise skirts or shoulder coverings. Since we visited in January, we were modestly and warmly dressed and had no worries.

This means YOU!

The church was built in the 500s with the bell tower and portico added in the 1100s. The church is fairly simple but has some fantastic mosaics inside. The main altar was fenced off when we were there but I was able to get a good side view. The canopy is quite nice.


Main altar

Side altar

Side altar

Floor mosaic

Mosaic picture

The church also has a crypt (always popular with the children) though little is down there other than a few altars and some empty niches.

Stairs to the crypt

An altar

Empty niches

The term "Cosmedin" is from the Greek kosmidion meaning "ornate." The church is Roman Catholic in the Greek-Melkite Rite. The Greek community of Rome has been worshiping at this church since it was first built.

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