Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quarry Bank Mill, England--Outside

When we lived in England, we took a lot of trips in and out of Manchester Airport. People who visited us often flew in and out of there as well. We'd often pick up or drop off visitors. Sometimes, rather than drive the one and half hours there and head straight back we'd do something extra either along the way or in the Manchester area. One time we stopped at Quarry Bank Mill, an old fabric mill less than 10 minutes from the airport.

View from the parking lot, darn trees!

The smokestack end of the mill

Walking in, we saw some of the drive shafts from the mill's water wheels. The original 1818 shaft was replaced in 1847 when a crack was found in the original. The 1847 shaft needed repairs in 1874 but continued to work until 1904. The shafts are amazingly huge and can even be used as a bench.

Massive drive shaft

The 1847 shaft

L uses it as a bench

Being a National Trust site, the mill has a playground that J and L wanted to visit before going to see all the boring historical stuff. J started with the covered slide.

At the top of the slide

At the bottom of the slide

L liked the bridges but J wasn't sure which way to go down.

Ready to cross

Go like a fireman or Indiana Jones?

Other classic equipment includes a climbing challenge that wasn't too challenging.

Going up

No where to go but down from here

L was a bit worn out, you might even say she was tired.

No interest in tyres

J on the big swing

Soon enough the children had their fill of fun. We headed off to the mill, which required us to cross a few bridges.

Playground view of the mill

Bridge over water power

More on the mill in the next post!

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